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Article: Tobermory Distillery unveils new whisky and gin releases

Tobermory Distillery unveils new whisky and gin releases

Tobermory Distillery unveils new whisky and gin releases

Tobermory Distillery has released a non-aged statement (“NAS”) whisky from its Ledaig range of scotch, which pays homage to a sunken Spanish treasure galleon, and a new limited edition gin inspired by the mountains of Mull.  

Founded in 1798, Tobermory is The Isle of Mull’s only whisky distillery, and one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland. It sits at the heart of the charming island community from which the distillery takes its name, Tobermory. Under the Tobermory Distillery name, the Artisan Hebridean Distiller produces Tobermory Whisky and Ledaig Single Malts and, for the first time ever, Tobermory Gin

Ledaig’s Sinclair Series Rioja Cask Finish

Tobermory’s Sinclair Series celebrates their 220-year heritage and creative approach to distilling.  It’s a tribute to John Sinclair who founded the distillery in 1798, writing the first chapter of Tobermory’s pioneering history. 

Ledaig’s Sinclair Series Rioja Cask Finish, Tobermory’s first non-aged statement whisky, pays tribute to the San Juan de Sicilia, an ill-fated Spanish Armada ship which got into difficulties in the waters around The Isle of Mull, sinking with a rumoured treasure of gold. Countless diving expeditions have tried, but failed, to recover this mysterious treasure. 

Bottled at 46.3% ABV, this single malt scotch whisky is made with heavily peated barley before maturing in ex-bourbon casks and then finishing for a further 18 months in hand-selected Spanish Rioja wine casks as a nod to the famous San Juan de Sicilia shipwreck.  Balancing the smokiness of Lediag with the sweetness of the Rioja Cask, this new Ledaig non-aged statement brings the art of crafting whisky to life. If you’d like to try this new whisky, you can find Ledaig’s Sinclair Series Rioja Cask Finish on Amazon here for an RRP of £36. 

Julieann Fernandez, master blender at Tobermory Distillery said: “It’s been a year we won’t forget easily at the distillery, but despite everything else we’ve worked hard to produce an incredible range of new releases. Sitting alongside Ledaig 10 and 18-year-old, the Sinclair Series Rioja Cask Finish is inspired by Tobermory’s colourful past, nautical adventure and lost treasure.  The smoky yet sweet expression is a fitting addition to the core Ledaig range, delivering the perfect marriage of peated flavours with fruity rioja sweetness and spice.  Both of these expressions reflect the creativity and passion which we celebrate at Tobermory Distillery, crafting exceptional products which are an expression of the rich palate of our Hebridean home.” 

Tobermory Mountain Gin

And if you love gin as much as you love whisky, then Tobermory Distillery have something else for you. Inspired by the nature of The Isle of Mull, a drop of spirit from the Tobermory Distillery’s whisky stills is added to Tobermory Gin to create a unique spirit. Hand-selected botanicals are used in the distillation, including: juniper, tea, heather, elderflower, and sweet orange peel. Tobermory Gin is best served in a balloon glass, with plenty of ice, cold tonic water, and then garnished with thyme, red blood orange, and, if you have them, dried hibiscus flowers. 

In November 2020 Tobermory released the limited edition Tobermory Mountain Gin. Tobermory Mountain Gin is bottled at 43.3% ABV, and infused with hand-selected botanicals local to its island home alongside a splash of spirit from the distillery’s whisky stills.  Wild heather picked from Mull’s mountains sit alongside rowan berry, rosehip and 10 other botanicals, to create a smooth, sweet gin with a note of warming spice. Tobermory Mountain Gin is best served in a balloon glass with lots of ice, premium tonic and a sprig of heather. If you’d like to try this limited edition gin, you can find Tobermory Mountain Gin on Amazon here for an RRP of £31. 

Julieann Fernandez said:  “The introduction of our first ever limited edition gin marks yet another chapter in the distillery’s 220-year history. We have long championed the Isle of Mull and its diverse offering so it felt right for our limited edition to invoke the spirit of this charming island. The gin is utterly stunning in flavour, with the botanicals working together to form a unique and encapsulating taste profile which is perfect to be savoured as the nights draw in.”

What’s your favourite Tobermory whisky? We’d love to know, so do leave us a comment below. Also curious if you’ve tried Tobermory’s new gins, so again do let us know.

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