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Article: Tamdhu Cigar Malt No.1

Tamdhu Cigar Malt No.1

Tamdhu Cigar Malt No.1

Tamdhu Distillery have announced the release of their Cigar Malt No.1. This release is a special limited edition single malt to celebrate an age-old pairing.

The Cigar Malt was selected from the best first fill European Oak Oloroso sherry casks. It was chosen for its ability to support and complement the rich, aromatic and spicy flavour of the world’s best cigars.

Tamdhu is the only single malt scotch to mature all its whisky in only the finest Oloroso sherry seasoned casks. These rare sherry casks help deliver the unique natural colour and taste of the Cigar Malt. The whisky is bottled without chill filtration at 53.8% ABV. This gives it texture and strength of flavour, mirroring the spice, aroma and mouthfeel of aged tobacco leaves.

Tamdhu Cigar Malt No.1 Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Ginger nut biscuits, sweet sherry, caramel crème brulee.
  • Palate: Deep sultanas and dried raisins. Sticky malt loaf with a creamy vanilla smoothness.
  • Finish: Dried apricots and rich, honey coated, pecan nuts.

Tamdhu Cigar Malt No.1

To mark its launch, the distillery has created a bespoke luxury cigar humidor. This is a collaboration between Tamdhu Distillery and Anthony Holt & Sons, renowned carpenters. The humidor is inspired by, and infused with, the Tamdhu whisky itself. The wood used in the humidor is from first fill European oak sherry casks. This will gently imbue the humidor, and the cigars it contains, with a subtle sherry cask aroma.

Sandy McIntyre is the Tamdhu Distillery Manager. He said: “Whisky and cigars have long been enjoyed together. We wanted our Cigar Malt to cement that bond with a marriage of flavour and craft befitting of both worlds. This whisky, matured in first fill European Oak Oloroso sherry casks, is the perfect pairing for fine cigars. That we were able to use those sherry casks to continue the legacy of the Cigar Malt through the humidor is very special indeed.”

Gil Holt is Director at Anthony Holt & Sons. He said: “Combining a sherry cask with a handmade humidor was truly enjoyable. The rich aroma of the humidor is complemented by subtle notes from the sherry cask wood. We are proud to work with Tamdhu. It's a brand that we share a deep affinity with, an unwavering commitment to craft and quality.”

Tamdhu has created only two of its whisky-infused humidors to support the launch. They are made with European oak sherry cask staves, sterling silver, and luxury walnut wood. They mirror the rich, dark whisky colour. One of these bespoke and unique boxes will be auctioned for charity in 2022.

If you'd like to try Tamdhu Cigar Malt 01 then you can find it on Tamdhu's website for £180.

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