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Article: Ardbeg Release New Whisky Scorch For Ardbeg Day 2021

Ardbeg Release New Whisky Scorch For Ardbeg Day 2021

Ardbeg Release New Whisky Scorch For Ardbeg Day 2021

Held annually on the final Saturday of Islay’s Festival of Music and Malt (Fèis Ìle), Ardbeg Day is a global celebration of all things Ardbeg, which will take place entirely online for 2021. The Distillery invites whisky lovers to join them on to uncover the myth and the malt behind their new limited whisky, Ardbeg Scorch. 

Islay folk have long told tales of the island’s dragon, bravely slain by a heroic warrior many moons ago. And on 5 June 2021, Ardbeggians around the world will celebrate Ardbeg Day with a new whisky created in homage to this ‘true myth’. It is said this fiercely delicious dram is the mouthwatering product of Ardbeg’s own flavour-breathing beast, who dwells in Dunnage Warehouse No. 3, scorching staves and burning barrels... 

Ardbeg Scorch has been matured in ex-bourbon American oak casks – heavily charred by the fiery exhale of Warehouse 3’s definitely-real-and-totally-not-made-up dragon*. Bottled at 46% ABV, intense aromas of soot and smoke lie in wait, while grilled fare and black liquorice mingle with bold notes of medicinal lozenge.

Ardbeg release new Islay scotch whisky Scorch for Ardbeg Day 2021

Ardbeg Scorch Official Tasting Notes

Colour: Bright brushed gold

Nose: On the nose, frighteningly intense aromas of soot and smoke lie in wait. Hints of aniseed and fragrant patchouli interlace with bold notes of quenched steel and saddle soap. With a drop of water, herbal top notes of briar wood, sage and pine wisp their way to the fore.

Palate: Take a sip and experience lair upon lair of flavour. An oily mouthfeel grips the senses. Billowy clouds of sweet smoke and dragon charred oak permeate the palate, while grilled fare and black liquorice weave between notes of medicinal lozenge.

Finish: A long and heroic finale, with a subtle tarry aftertaste. A finish that will drag on, well into its happily ever after.

Colin Gordon, Ardbeg’s Distillery Manager, said: “This year will be my first Ardbeg Day ever: a baptism of fire! It’s a shame we Ardbeggians can’t enjoy it together in person, but the online event is shaping up to be tremendous fun. With a whole virtual world to explore, including fantasy inns, campfire tales, medieval feasts and live tastings, there’s plenty for people to be excited about this year.”

Ardbeg’s Director of Distilling and Whisky Creation, Dr Bill Lumsden, said: “Ardbeg Scorch is our tribute to the legendary dragon of Islay. By using our most heavily-charred casks, we’ve created a fire-breathing beast of a dram!”

If you’d like to try Ardbeg Scorch for yourself then you’ll be able to buy a bottle from Ardbeg Embassies, whisky specialists, and the Distillery Visitor Centre from 27th May 2021 for around £100.

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Wäre schön, wenn ich eine Flasche bekommen könnte, da ich bei der Verteilung vom
ARDBEG SCORCH COMMITTEE RELEASE wieder mal zu kurz gekommen bin!!!

Wolfram Kommer

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