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Article: Review of Mac-Talla Terra

Review of Mac-Talla Terra

Review of Mac-Talla Terra

Today I’m reviewing Mac-Tall Terra, an Islay single malt scotch from Morrison Distiller’s. The Morrison family have had a love affair with Islay for five generations, and have been involved with some of the Island’s biggest names - including Bowmore. You can read more about the Morrisons’ story here.

This particular Islay whisky is a single malt bottled at 46%, natural colour and without chill filtration, as part of Morrison Distiller’s Mac-Talla range. Mac-Talla means “echo” in Scottish Gaelic.

Let’s give this whisky a try.

Mac-Talla Terra tasting notes

Colour: Natural colour; chardonnay. Coats my copita, with multiple legs running down my glass in neat parallel order.

Nose: Marzipan, cherries, and cherry stones. Gentle peat smoke. A minerality, like wet pebbles on a stony beach. Light oak with a touch of vanilla.

Palate: Medium body, which lightly coats the mouth. Almond cake topped with marzipan and served with vanilla cream. More peat smoke, but lightly so - used almost as a seasoning. Alcohol is well integrated, contributing to the body.

Finish: A medium finish with more vanilla cream and a touch of warming wood spice to conclude.

Mac-Talla Terra review

A most enjoyable whisky, and one that would be a good entry point for people new to Islay whiskies. It has the peat smoke and minerality I may expect from many Islay whiskies, but presented in a gentle, subtle way that makes it accessible.

You can find out more about Mac-Talla here, and if you’d like to try this whisky for yourself you can find Mac-Talla Terra here

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