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Article: Douglas Laing Epicurean Wood Series Port Finished Single Casks

Douglas Laing Epicurean Wood Series Port Finished Single Cask whiskies

Douglas Laing Epicurean Wood Series Port Finished Single Casks

New Epicurean whiskies

Independent bottler Douglas Laing has released two new whiskies. The first is a Ruby Port Finished whisky, and the second is a Tawny Port Finished. These Lowland single malts are the fourth and fifth in The Epicurean Wood Series. Both single casks are 48% ABV and non chill filtered. The natural colour of each whisky comes from the Ruby Port or Tawny Port seasoned single cask. Rich and dark, you can see the effect the wood has had.

The Epicurean shows how flavour develops throughout the whisky-making-process. The interaction between spirit and wood in the oak cask is particularly important. In this case, the whisky matured in two casks. 

Single port casks by Douglas Laing

Both Epicurean whiskies started in the best American oak. Then they were re-racked into hand-selected Ruby or Tawny port casks. They spent a further 12 months or longer in these two single casks. The result is a full-bodied single malt with layers of complexity and character.

The Ruby Port and Tawny Port casks both came from the Douro Valley in northern Portugal. The Douro Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of the oldest wine regions in the world.

Experimenting with the Epicurean Wood Series

Cara Laing, Director of Whisky at Douglas Laing, chose both port casks herself. She said: “The Epicurean is a master of versatility. His fresh, vibrant Lowland character lends itself to experimentation with different wood finishes. The deep colour presented in each of these releases speaks for the intense flavour of the spirit. The Ruby Port Finish boasts flavours including spices, milk chocolate and tangy raspberries. The Tawny Port Finish embodies the vibrant taste of juicy pears, red wine and sweet almonds. We love the results and can’t wait to innovate with the next release in The Epicurean Wood Series.”

Would you like to try these single cask whiskies for yourself? The Epicurean Ruby Port Finish and The Epicurean Tawny Port Finish will both cost around £59.99. But don't wait too long, otherwise stock may run out.

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